Chipotle’s Secret Menu

We have all heard about secret menus, but does anyone know for sure what is on Chipotle’s secret menu?  Here I combine everything I have seen or heard.  Starting with the least secret…

1. The Quesarito – a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla – don’t order it when they are busy.  It takes a while to make.

Here are a few YouTube videos with slightly different versions (and spellings):
The Chipotle Secret-Menu Quesarito
Quesarito (Quesadilla wrapped burrito) chipotle secret menu item
Chipotle Secret Menu Item
Quesorito – This guy makes his own at the table, instead of having Chipotle make it?
Quesarito for Sponsoree!!! (Chipotle)
The 404 – Ep. 1218: Where we order off the secret menu
Chipotle Quesarito – A Life In Video 37
To El Burrito! California & Wet Jumbo Burrito!
Fork This…Quesarito

2. Quesadilla – This may seem too obvious to be a secret, but the quesadilla is not actually on their menu.  So technically, it’s a secret menu item.  They can do large and small.  Some states have a kids menu, so there the small quesadilla is on the menu, but there is a grown up version with the full size flour tortilla loaded with cheese.  This version is especially good with a side of guacamole.

3. Nachos – Again, this is fairly obvious as a potential option, but you can ask to have the chips put in first, and the rest of your bowl ingredients loaded on top.  Unfortunately, they do charge for the chips.

4. Small chips – Not every location has this option, but if yours offers kids meals, you can ask for a small bag of chips, instead of the large one.

5. “Ambrosia” – This one I’ve only seen once, and it is not widespread.  It may also go by other names, or the name I heard may have been made up.  Whatever you call it, you may have to explain it when you order it: Combine sour cream and the hot salsa and eat with chips.  The sour cream cools the salsa a bit, and obviously adds a creamy texture, giving more of the feel of a dip.

6. The Itty Bitty t-shirt does not exist except at as part of Adventurrito. If that is what you are looking for, then you need my Adventurrito Answers page here.

7. Single taco – Thanks to Jason Patch for this suggestion: You can get a single taco for 1/3rd the price of a burrito. Nice deal if you’re not that hungry or trying to save $, and they can really load it up if it’s a soft shell, so it ends up being more than 1/3rd in mass 🙂

Failed to qualify:

I’ve seen cilantro listed as a secret menu item.  It’s an ingredient, not a menu item.  Along the same lines, you can sometimes get plain rice, if you don’t want the cilantro, oil, salt, etc.

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