Having Trouble Joining the Chipotle Farm Team? Updated

It sounds like some people who participated in Adventurrito and were invited to join the Farm Team are having trouble getting started.

It sounds like the latest version of Farm Team does not work with the latest version of Internet Explorer – try installing Google Chrome.

When I sign in to the Farm Team, I go here: https://www.chipotle.com/en-US/farm_team/farm_invitation.aspx

And then I log in with my Chipotle.com account info and it takes me to a page here: https://www.chipotle.com/en-US/farm_team/farm_app.aspx

There are 4 chapters to the Farm Team saga. You have to finish the various activities in each chapter before you move on to the next chapter.

A Chipotloco reader, Tyler, said this works for him:

It took a little time to figure it out, but there is a way for people to get into the farm team with the invitation codes they received. They first need a regular Chipotle account and should login to that account at chipotle.com (not the farm team site). Then in a new tab (or possibly in the same tab) go to chipotle.com/farmteam. They will be prompted for the invitation code and will watch the video and click “continue to farm team” and then add there local store/make sure their account info is up to date and click submit at the bottom to join the team.

If people are being sent to their account information page to update their info, but it has no reference to the farm team and it does not allow them to pick one of the 4 avatars, then they did it wrong.

Hopefully you can share some wisdom to help others out.

Hopefully that helps? If not, send me an email or post here.

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2 Responses to Having Trouble Joining the Chipotle Farm Team? Updated

  1. Chipotloco says:

    Someone else was able to get in by first going to the second link I sent, then going back to the first and logging in?

  2. milhouse21386 says:

    Still no luck, I’ve even tried copying the second link and pasting into the tab where I’ve already logged into farm team, just brings me back to the login page, where I log in again and it just brings me back to my account info. It won’t actually let me in to the farm team site. I emailed farm team 12 hours ago, no response. Currently trying to tweet them, I’ll post if they give me any kind of help.