Buy a Farm Team Invitation on ebay?

Apparently someone is selling their Farm Team invitation and code on ebay.  Someone asked me if it’s worth it.  My answer is yes and probably not.

I say yes because I have definitely received far more value than $25 for being part of the Farm Team in the last year.  In addition to the free burritos, t-shirts, and collectibles you get as you progress through Farm Team – I was also able to get a free catering order back in June.  That’s over $200 worth of Chipotle deliciousness.

I would also say probably not because it was not that hard to get into Farm Team – at least not for me.  I know the managers at my local Chipotle well.  Almost everyone says hello to me by name when I come into the store.  They know to prepare my online order right away, because I tend to show up early to pick it up (it’s a great way to skip the line and I hate lines when I’m hungry).  So it was super easy for me to join Farm Team.

So, if you don’t know your local manager, and aren’t known by your local Chipotle employees – $25 is probably worth it.  But if you’re a recognized regular, just ask your local manager about it and they can probably give you an invite for free.

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