Any Adventurrito winners?

Did anyone win burritos through Adventurrito after getting help here? I’m not going to ask for a free burrito. Just wondering if I helped anyone win.

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3 Responses to Any Adventurrito winners?

  1. jmec3479 says:

    I didn’t win-win. I was invited to join Farm Team (maybe everyone else was too??), but I find that pretty exciting and a WIN!

    • Chipotloco says:

      Yes, I was invited to join the Farm Team, too, though I joined a year or two ago. I think that was when they first created the program.

      It’s pretty cool. They have some fun games in it, and some other trivia questions. Feel free to post here if you have any trivia questions you can’t answer.

    • mount986 says:

      I got the farm team invite, but after I logged in and watched the welcome video, it just took me to the Account Info page. Now every time I log in it just takes me to the same page. Did I miss something?