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As I come up with the right answers for Adventurrito, I’ll post them here. For those just getting started, here is a link to Adventurrito to sign up and catch up.

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Anyway, on to the Adventurrito Answers:

Adventurrito Answer 20:

Chipotle just posted the official answers on their website here.

This is the last one – for 20 years of free burritos! Remember, you have to get this one right on your first try to be eligible to win the free burritos.

Apparently the questions are in a different order for different people. I tried to post my answers to make it clear what question they are from.

I also did not get explicit confirmation that my answers were all correct, but the system did let me through to question 20.

Q1 – This site says Rusty and Myra are on the social media team, along with Joe. I just found tweets for @ChipotleTweets signed by Nicole and Wayne. That means Bruce is the answer.

Q2 – Wikipedia says Tower was at Chez Panisse. None of the other places show up on the wikipedia page. That’s my answer. Can anyone confirm?

Q3 – Fortunately I have a ton of Chipotle employees in my LinkedIn Network. KM, SM, and ATL are definitely real. I’m guessing GM2 is not, as LinkedIn found no one when I searched for that, but R+ didn’t show up either – it just found references to the letter R. I could go either way. General Manager 2 or Restauranteur Plus could both exist. Anyone have any ideas? I am hearing from others that GM2 does not exist.

Q4 – The Beatles were covered by both Willie Nelson and Coldplay. I found Willie’s list here and Coldplay’s list on wikipedia here. Both have The Beatles on their list.

Q5 – I know the IPO price was $22, but I found multiple references saying it closed at $44 that day…which is not an answer available. Maybe by “Closing Market Price” they mean what I would call IPO price, which was $22, and is an option for an answer?

Q6 – I see from wikipedia that Nate Appleman won Chopped All-Stars but was eliminated from Next Iron Chef. Sorry for posting the wrong answer earlier, and thanks to those who corrected me.

Q7 – Tote is $13.20, Skatedeck is $36, water bottle is $14.36, varsity hoodie is $52, total is $115.56, which is an available answer. Apparently searching for Giuseppe Arcimboldo sends you to the veg head t-shirt, which is 17.60 and would take the total to 133.16.

Q8 – McDonald’s used to own Chipotle.

Q9 – This page on says 350 miles is how Chipotle defines local.

Q10 – Chipotle’s rejection of the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animals was the topic of Steve Ells’s testimony before Congress.

Q11 – Hoping the original Chipotle location on Evans in Denver has not changed its number in 20 years…(303) 722-4121 – which sums to 25 – please don’t call them and overwhelm them.

Q12 – Food With Integrity highway – my wife got this one for me – “Gourmet Restaurant Where You Eat With Your Hands” was officially trademarked and used as far back as 1997. She and I both remember that one from back in the day, when we first started enjoying Chipotle, too.

Q13 – Here is the Denver Cultivate festival menu. I see everything except fajita veggies on it.

Q14 – Professor Pimental says on this page that on average the ratio of fossil fuel calories to meat calories is 28 to 1.

Q15 – Wikipedia list of Top 100 from July 13, 1993: SWV (Sisters With Voices) – “Weak”

Q16 – Here is one of many sites showing the large rope handle bag with Ipsom Lorem text.

Q17 – Simon Cowell appears to have no connection to Chipotle. Did you know that Mitt Romney went to my neighborhood Chipotle? I was not there at the time, but heard all about it.

Q18 – Wikipedia shows the first Chipotle outside Colorado was in Ohio, and only one option shows Ohio first.

Q19 – Russ Kremer inspired “Back to the Start” according to this page.


Adventurrito Answer 19: No, McDonald’s does not own Chipotle. Chipotle went back out on their own in 2006. They issue a Chipotle IPO (ticket symbol CMG) in January, and McDonald’s had sold off all interest by the end of the year. I own a little Chipotle, though 🙂

If you want more Chipotle trivia, try my “Fake Adventurrito” questions.

Adventurrito Answer 18:
Bestfriends (This one took me a few minutes)
Blitzen Trapper (I know a pug when I see one)
LP (Not many curly hair options)
Youngblood Hawke (Chest hair and crazy shirt made it easy)

Adventurrito Answer 17: I81UCN2

The only store available everywhere is online: They have an itty bitty burrito shirt listed, and one of the picts says to look at the product detail, which says you want the style number, and can’t actually buy the Itty Bitty Burrito Tee. And the “Add to my Cart” Button doesn’t work, either. I tried.

Adventurrito Answer 16: GREEDY

Someone was nice enough to list here all 13 of the characteristics that employees should have. If you pick some of the short ones on the list (like happy), you discover that it is a simple substitution “encryption” of one letter for another. The tenth one is Greedy – obviously not part of the normal list of positive attributes.

Here is the decoder (plug in the second line, if the letter is from the first line):

Adventurrito Answer 15: The answer is Acidosis. You do have to call 1-800-Chipotle, and then go through the Adventurrito prompts (3, then 1, then 3) to find out that you want to “retrace your prompts” to find the page and word. That’s page 313 of the book Righteous Porkchop by Nicollete Hahn Niman. So I guess she’s going to be selling a ton of books tonight?

Or you can use’s Look Inside feature:

First word on the index is acidosis

Adventurrito Answer 14:
1: Hello Dolly – Chipotle opens in 1993
2: Farming Forward – Chipotle serves naturally raised pork in 2001
3: Tasty Shares – Chipotle goes public in January, 2006 (I bought some then!)
4: Say No to Drugs – No more rBGH in 2007
5: Green Cuisine – LEED Certified store opens in 2008 (the store is actually in Gurnee IL, not IN like the clue says)

Adventurrito Answer 13: I got this one on the first try, because I knew they must be talking about Shophouse Asian Kitchen. On this page of their site, if you take the inspiration tour, you see a picture with a white board with this written on it:
40g Cilantro
8g Fish Sauce
36g Shallots
16g Chile Jam
10g ginger

Adventurrito Answer 12: omnivore – As in an omnivore’s dilemma. I get the answer, and they confirm it with the books they recommend after you enter the right answer. But I didn’t get the pig grid. I was thinking binary maybe, but had no idea how to translate that. Thank you to gdesignr for this explanation (and to coopastor for explaining the process as well):

Robots speak in Binary. Convert the rows to binary with a empty box being a zero and a pig being a one. You get: 01011111000001001000011001010110
Plug that into a converter like this one:
You get: 1594132054
Google that and you get
The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Adventurrito Answer 11: The answer that works: 36 – though I swear I counted 49 cows. Apparently 37 works as well. Maybe I double counted some in the beginning when they first get CAFO’d (that’s a word now, right?). How many do you all count?

Here is the video:

Adventurrito Answer 10: Guacamole! (minus the !)

In cased you missed it, there was a hacked Chipotle Twitter account – though now I think it was faked for the contest. Apparently someone wanted guacamole from the Arvada Chipotle?

Guacamole is also my 2 year old son’s favorite food.

Adventurrito Answer 9: 1993

Looks like the common theme to the songs is 1993 – as in the year Chipotle was founded. Supposedly that’s when the songs from the playlist came out, but that didn’t seem to be the case for the songs I looked up. Either way, 1993 is the right answer.

Adventurrito Answer 8:

Wiers Farm
Here is the page with their picture on it.

Adventurrito Answer 7:

Chipotlaway from the Dead Celebrities episode of South Park

Full bar code is 758524899876

Adventurrito Answer 6:

Alex, Steve, Monty

Here is one site with the transcript.

Adventurrito Answer 5:

I would have had this up faster, but the site kept timing out before I could confirm all of the answers. Kinda frustrating. Here are the answers:

Part 1: Usually, when you roll something this good, it’s illegal

Part 2: The happy pill. Now in a 567,000mg dose.

Part 3: Open wide, no wider.

Part 4: The gourmet restaurant where you eat with your hands.

Part 5: They beep when they backup.

Adventurrito Answer 4: Here is the video.

Incredibly interesting, though was running slow tonight. A little more than halfway through, a guy says

Which is a sort of a “supersized pig on steroids”

Adventurrito Answer 3: The correct answer is
13, 2013, 20, 7305, 3, 2, 411, 140, 2, 20, 10, 20, 50, 2063
But I have not idea why. I still don’t even understand the question. An explanation would be greatly appreciated.
OK, so several of you have posted that the answer is from the basket lining at Chipotle when you dine in. Pretty smart way to get more people to dine-in. Thanks! Of course, my first instinct was to ask my math talented friends to take a look, even though it was pretty clear that math had little to do with the answer.

Adventurrito Answer 2: I tried London first. No good. So I thought, must be Paris or something in Canada. Let’s go with Paris. Bingo!

Address is 20 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France


Good luck!

Adventurrito Answer 1. My first answer: Niman Ranch – OK, so apparently that’s wrong. I guess they are looking for something more specific? Niman’s ranch is in Bolinas, but that doesn’t work, and that’s in California anyway. Paul Willis’ farm is in Thornton, Iowa, but that didn’t work. The name I have found for his farm is Dream Farm, but that doesn’t work either.

The correct answer (thank you Chipotloco readers) is Pork Utopia

I put it in as two words, just like that, and got through.

If that doesn’t work, try it as one word, all caps: PORKUTOPIA

Here is the only reference I found online to Pork Utopia and Paul Willis:

Thanks to BeesKnees for this YouTube video reference:

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  1. becky1129 says:

    I told you Ohio wasn’t the first store outside of Colorado! …but I guess they are accepting that wrong answer anyway.

  2. chrispatrick8 says:

    Answer to above should be E? July 13, 1993:

  3. chrispatrick8 says:

    I have a question that is not in yours for today

    19. CHIP Radio Tower
    What was the #1 Billboard song the day the first Chipotle opened?

    A. Janet Jackson – “That’s the Way Love Goes”

    B. Meatloaf – “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”

    C. Bryan Adams – “Please Forgive Me”

    D. UB40 – “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”

    E. SWV (Sisters With Voices) – “Weak”