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3 Chiptopia tricks

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can join Chipotle’s rewards program, Chiptopia, here:

If you want to maximize your rewards, here are 3 simple tricks (assuming you eat enough Chipotle to max out the rewards):

  1. Get one membership per person/phone number.  You could even get two for yourself if you get a second number through Google Voice that can receive texts.  If your household has more than one cell phone, you can split your order into two orders and get credit for every burrito or bowl.
  2. Make sure you use your free burrito toward the rewards program.  To get to the maximum reward level each month of Hot, you need to buy 11 burritos (or bowls, salads, tacos), but the free ones you get count toward the total.
  3. If you don’t go to Chipotle enough to max out the rewards, then you can team up with a Chipotle buddy and take turns going.  Maybe alone you can only eat 8 times a month, and you have a friend who goes another 3 times without you?  If you team up and share a rewards card, you can split the 20 burrito Chipotle feast at the end of the program for qualifying for the hot status each month.
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A Love Story Chipotle video

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