Chipotle Delivery Now Available

Yes, that’s right, Chipotle can now be ordered for delivery.  It’s not by drone, as I had hoped, but that’s ok.  The app Postmates recently partnered with Chipotle to offer delivery.

Apparently the catch is the delivery fee ($6 for my house from the nearest Chipotle) and 9% service fee.  Of course, if you’re in an office where a half hour round trip trek to Chipotle and back is frowned upon by the boss, you can now show him or her that Postmates may or may not be a cheaper option for getting lunch delivered.

Or, if you’re from Denver (Chipotle’s hometown) and you’re not in a condition to drive, you can still satisfy that craving.

So click here and give it a try and let us know what you think:

Oh, and if this is your first time trying Postmates, you can try one of these promo codes for a discount:

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Do you want to go to Chipotle? Heck yeah!

In case you have not seen this yet, definitely watch it:

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Pizzeria Locale (aka Chipotle’s Pizza restaurant) is expanding

I just saw news that the pizza company in which Chipotle is a minority investor is already looking to expand to two new locations, after an apparently successful first year in business.

Here is the link.

The reality is that just about any type of restaurant could be “Chipotlized” by switching to a fast casual format and upping the ingredients to quality as Food with Integrity. Of course, having a great recipe behind the food is key, as well. Much of Chipotle’s early growth took place before they rolled out their FwI program.

Unfortunately, I have yet to confirm if Pizzeria Locale has adopted the FwI concept, and thus have no tried it yet. Hopefully it will be coming to a neighborhood near me, soon!

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