Do you want to go to Chipotle? Heck yeah!

In case you have not seen this yet, definitely watch it:

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Pizzeria Locale (aka Chipotle’s Pizza restaurant) is expanding

I just saw news that the pizza company in which Chipotle is a minority investor is already looking to expand to two new locations, after an apparently successful first year in business.

Here is the link.

The reality is that just about any type of restaurant could be “Chipotlized” by switching to a fast casual format and upping the ingredients to quality as Food with Integrity. Of course, having a great recipe behind the food is key, as well. Much of Chipotle’s early growth took place before they rolled out their FwI program.

Unfortunately, I have yet to confirm if Pizzeria Locale has adopted the FwI concept, and thus have no tried it yet. Hopefully it will be coming to a neighborhood near me, soon!

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Farmed and Dangerous Trivia Answers

Episode 1: Text BADMILK to 30364

Episode 1 – Question 1:
What’s the name of Sophia’s jerk boyfriend? A) Biff ┬áB) Zack C) Trevor
Answer: B

Episode 1 – Question 2:
In the first scene, what language does the scientist speak? A) German B) Swahili C) French
Answer: A

Episode 1 – Question 3:
Hundreds of family farms go under every week. True or False?
Answer: TRUE

Episode 2: Text BUCKWILD to 30364

Episode 2 – Question 1:
Where is Senate aide Max’s office located? A) attic B) janitor closet C) alley
Answer: B

Episode 2 – Question 2:
What day is International Talk Like A Pirate Day? A) Sept 10th B) Sept 19th C) Sept 15th
Answer: B

Episode 2 – Question 3:
Sophia claims that criticizing companies like Animoil is illegal, according to food disparagement laws.  Reply TRUE or FALSE
Answer: TRUE

Episode 3: Text STEAKOUT to 30364

Episode 3 – Question 1:
What does “Sophia” tell Chip to bring with him to the Mega Farm? A) lip gloss B) camera C) first aid kit
Answer: B

Episode 3 – Question 2:
In the flashback scene, a scientist plugs a tube onto an udder producing what kind of milk? A) 2% B) half + half C) goat
Answer: B

Episode 3 – Question 3:
The makers of Pigweed avoid eating into their profits through: A) all answers B) government subsidies C) tax breaks
Answer: A

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